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Design, Fabrication and Installation

Plastica is a boutique company specialising in Air Pollution Control and Ventilation Systems, all constructed in corrosion resistant plastic materials.

Through a range of exclusive trading partnerships, the company offers the latest technology, supported with proven case histories and performance data on a global basis.

With our extensive range of Air Pollution Control solutions, we have worked within many business sectors in helping them towards their corporate and social responsibility targets.

Plastica is experienced in selecting the most suitable materials of construction, taking into account various factors including chemical resistance, fire rating etc. and by using the most efficient equipment selection, designs, plus long term support, it ensures plant sustainability.

We have access to some of the most advanced plastic fabrication facilities for the construction of chemical scrubbers, ventilation ductwork and laboratory extraction systems.

Our clients come from a far-ranging industrial sector, including Civil, Mechanical and Electrical contractors, Research and Technology centres, primarily for laboratory fume cupboard extraction systems, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Steel and Tabaco processing, Wastewater, Composting, and Semi-Conductor manufacture.

The management team has decades of experience in providing an agile management philosophy in achieving successful conclusion of numerous projects, from within a broad range of sectors.

A key aspect of our success, is the correct application of technology, this comes from decades of experience in providing solutions from within many sectors.

We can support you project in many aspects, from selection of corrosion resistant materials, sizes of Ductwork, Fans, Fume Scrubbers and Bio Filters.

From conception, to manufacture, installation and ongoing maintenance.


  • Laboratory and Research Facilities
  • Microelectronics
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Metal Treatments
  • Waste Water
  • Sewage and Sludge Drying
  • Leisure
  • Food Production
  • Breweries
  • Tobacco Processing
  • Composting
  • Rubber industries
  • Biogas production
  • Building Services

£½ Million of Works Completed

Plastica have recently concluded 2 major installation for fume cupboard and associated equipment ventilation systems, for up-to-the-minute laboratory complexes.
One appointment was made due to the failure to complete by the original plastic ductwork contactor, Plastica were called in to conclude the PVC/ GRP ductwork installation for a new Integrated Cancer Research centre.
The entire project was at an advanced stage, making access to the work area challenging.
Incorporated within the scope of works included some 70-fume cupboard connection, numerous grille connections, and extensive riser duct installations.
Separately, a contract was secured for the design, manufacture, and installation of extensive laboratory fume cupboard extraction systems for a new research facility within the Oxfordshire area.
The exhaust systems constructed in Upvc included extraction systems from 60 Fume Cupboards, in addition to ceiling and Low-level grilles connections.
The project also required 16 roof mounted stacks, 6 metre tall, multi-leaf volume control, and automated bleed dampers.

Latest Media

T600 Elite Twin wall Flue DP, has successfully been retested by BSRIA laboratory, obtaining an improvement in the designation of distance to combustible materials to G50

Latest Media

Plastica have successfully completed another Underground Plastic Ductwork project.

Plastica were commissioned by a leading UK design and build contractor to undertake the design, construction and installation of a Ductwork system at a state-of-the-art new build, multi-functional leisure complex which included a swimming pool.

Constructed in corrosion resistant Upvc and manufactured to an enhanced BESA154 specification, the system installed offers the perfect solution to meet the client’s needs. Over 150 meters of ductwork was installed, with sizes ranging from 1250 to 750 diameters, which now successfully forms part of the building’s air distribution engineering system.

The image shows the ductwork laid in position prior to back filling.

Plastic Ductwork project
installation of a Ductwork system