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We are pleased to announce a collaboration agreement with Tholander Abluftechnik GmbH, to offer their complete range of fume Scrubbers and Odour Control technologies exclusively for the whole of the UK.

Tholander who have been operating for over 30 years are one of the leading companies working on exhaust air purification and odour control on a global basis.

With Plastica widespread knowledge of Fume scrubbing and Odour control solutions, the collaboration agreements facilitate the merging of excellent well proven solutions together with post order support.

Tholander pride themselves in offering individually tailored state of the art products, taking a project from conception to completion

Engineers from Tholander work on a voluntary basis on various committees of the association of German engineering boards, to exchange information on existing and new technologies with experts.

Our series of Fume and Gas Scrubbers is one of the most extensive available, including range, relevance of technology, and materials of construction perspective.

Our Fume scrubbers are a purpose designed to meet precise demands. Each scheme takes into inlet burden, required removal efficiency, control methodology and location.

Fume scrubbers are complete with inlet and outlet sections, mass transfer packing, liquid distribution, and mist eliminator.

Various schemes are available to satisfy the most demanding schemes.

Vertical packed tower is a multipurpose high efficiency unit. We have an expansive list of successful Fume scrubber installations from a comprehensive range of applications.

Cross flow scrubbers offer a adaptable solution to fume scrubbing issues, with the strategy allowing mufti stage scrubbing in one unit.

Multi venturi Scrubbers has two specific stages. The inlet venturi stage deals with particulate, sticky fine dust, the second stage chemical scrubbing. This is a distinctive technology with an impressive list of case histories.

For each fume scrubber we can offer a controls package, that can be developed depending upon client requirements. This can be a simple manual monitoring and adjustment, to a complete automatic philosophy.

Our service extends into installation, set up, service and preventative maintenance.

Counter Current Scrubber

Counter Current Scrubber

Efficient solution for limited space

Effective scrubber with packing material. The scrubber can be optimally adjusted to clean gas values by variation of packing material and dosage of chemical agents in the washing liquid.

Product details : Counter Current Scrubber

Counter Current Scrubber

Cross Flow Scrubber

Compact and multifunctional

Versatile scrubbing technology with the possibility to run through various stages successively. The stages can optionally be driven as acidic, alkaline, oxidizing or biological washing.

Product details : Cross Flow Scrubber

Counter Current Scrubber

Multi Venture Scrubber

The solution for dusty emissions

Compact built and because of the venturi effect efficient running scrubber for dust removal. It is designed for the treatment of humid, dusty waste air and for waste air with sticky fine dust.

Product details : Multi Venture Scrubber